Skelekitty Embroidered Patch

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Add some purranormal activity to yer aesthetic with VampireFreaks’ recently deceased kitty cat… Skelekitty! Conjure some cat power with this cute + killer cat patch! With big empty eyes, fiendish fangs, and bones all about, this creepy cat is dyying to add some spook to yer look. Hand-embroidered and highly detailed, this goth cat patch is designed to add some spook to yer style! No bones about it, yer pawsitively purrfect with this patch on yer hoodie, pants, or purse! * Skelekitty Patch. * Includes Iron-On Backing. * Detailed + Durable Design. * Black, White, & Grey Colors. * By VampireFreaks. * Hand-Embroidered and Hexed in the USA. * 3.5" H X 3" W. R.I.P. This skeleton cat patch is dedicated to all the spooky cat moms and dads who lost a feline friend. We’ll always love—and never forget—our kitties!